Writing activity for the mitten

Put letters in plastic eggs or other such container and hide around room. By providing this scaffolding frame for them, we open the door to understanding and success on future comparison assignments.

Instead of Venn diagrams, you can also use these books to teach your students about text-to-text connections. The child can find it with a flyswatter with a hole cut in the middle large enough for a word to show through the window or with highlighter tape it comes off or in some way that helps the other children too.

Then we created a large poster called "Where do animals go in the winter. Venn Diagrams The Mitten is a great book to use to teach or review using Venn diagrams with your students.

Click above to download the poem. Amy, a differentiated instruction instructor, knows the value of using both formulaic and creative frames when teaching her students.

Here is an activity I use with my Kindergarten students: When the cards are prepped and ready, add them to a basket with dry erase markers and an eraser of some kind.

Using different writing frames may also help your students to get their ideas out in an organized way. Magnet Letters - Take a cookie sheet or head for the fridge, add some magnetic letters and spell out the words.

Mix them up and then call out a word and have child ren build it using the appropriate legos and you will end up with some spelling word towers.

The Mitten Writing Activity for Kindergarten

There are many Mitten ideas too with great printables Have one or two pages to introduce the problem and then use a predictable sentence to add new animals to the story. Not sure if the download is working yet, but the idea is cute.

Shower Spelling - Yes, more spelling fun in the tub.

Winter Colouring Pages

There are some other Jan Brett books that would be good to use with Venn diagrams also. The children read it for the last time and create their own class book based on the story.

Students crawl under the sheet as each new animal crawls into the mitten. There is SO much you can get out of it, yet it seems like we tend to stick to the basics: First, the story is "book-ended" by the voice of the narrator, a young girl standing on her front lawn, pretending to be a reporter with a live camera crew, alerting us a humorous accident going on inside the house.

In my class, we use fancy washcloths that I cut up into smaller squares as erasers. Explain to your students that we need to make an inference that the animals are scared in order to understand why they moved over.

We looked at these four types of bears: Now that's a fun way to spell. Print the mitten pre-writing alphabet cards and cut them apart on the gray dotted lines. Two goals I have for these activities are to 1 dig deeper with this well-loved book and 2 provide enough support for my students to be successful so that they can transfer these skills later.

Here are some interesting Hat Links. Glitter makes everything fun, doesn't it. We used to add a fun word at the end of the words too depending on the season like apple, pumpkin, witch, turkey, heart, etc. Then we added some cotton balls for snow.

This time spread some shaving cream on your shower door or tiled wall over the tub and let your child ren finger write words. Shaving Cream - This is another fun sensory experience. My class always enjoys making a large mitten from construction paper. Try acting the story out. The plot of The Hat is different, but it has a similar setting and a story that revolves around animals and what happens when they find a lost article of clothing.

Even for the most reluctant writers, a haiku seems 'doable'-- only 17 syllables!. We hope you enjoy our winter colouring pages! We've got all sorts of snowy scenes, snowy sports, winter animals and birds, and winter-weather clothes - and there's something for all ages, whether you are looking for simple bold outlines for toddlers or intricate and detailed colouring pages for older children.

The Mitten Theme/Unit for Your Classroom! The Mitten: A Ukrainian Folktale by Jan Rewrite the story through interactive or shared pen writing from the mitten's point of view.

How did it feel to be lost and have all those animals craw inside? You then do a group activity connected to the book-like graphing their favorite character (as. Please enjoy this Common Core aligned adjective writing activity!

Your students will love describing and writing about their favorite animal from the story "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. I hope you are able to use this with your littles. The Mitten Reading Comprehension unit for kindergarten. Making predictions, retelling, making connections, and opinion writing focus lessons are included in this free unit.

A craft makes this extra fun! Two activities included: Writing activity-My mitten is so big a _____ could fit in it. Animals and mitten included for retell activity. What others are saying "kindersisters: The Mitten" "Matching activity for Jan Brett mitten book" "So I (Amber) have had this mitten pattern for years.

Take Home: Work with students to make their own 'Mittens' booklet that have the same wording as the class poem. Students work to write in the missing beginning or ending letter from a few of the words on each page (r, m, w, f, l, s, h, y,) and then color the booklet.

Writing activity for the mitten
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