What the waters revealed by jim

The sought-for synergies between the two companies never materialized, however. And some have suggested that if the aftermath of Katrina finally leads the nation to demand solutions to the poverty of upwards of a third of its citizens then something good might come from this terrible disaster.

Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to reveal a social disaster. What the floodwaters did reveal was that in New Orleans, and the GulfCoast in general, poverty in the United States is still connected to race.

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They have exposed the stark realities of who is suffering the most, who was left behind, who was waiting in vain for help to arrive, and who is facing the most difficult challenges of recovery.

The Wedding of the Waters

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What the Waters Have Revealed

In a crisis on the continent of Europe, there will not be time to convene a North Atlantic Council or a reinforcement subcommittee. Russian incursions into Georgia, Crimea, and Ukraine have drawn the focus of the alliance toward the ground competition in central Europe. The Exercise: Forgotten Waters.

As Allies begin to upgrade their respective naval capabilities to counter an increasingly aggressive Russia, the importance of investigating various scenarios in which those capabilities may be employed has grown. Lyin' Comey is selling a new book in an attempt to discredit President Trump.

Learn the TRUTH here. What the waters have revealed. by. 02 November Jim Wallis is the author of God's Politics: Why the Right gets it wrong and the Left doesn't get it and editor of Sojourners magazine.

This article first appeared at. What the Waters Revealed: Sometimes It Takes a Natural Disaster to Expose a Social Disaster By Wallis, Jim.

Read preview. But the waters of Hurricane Katrina also washed away our national denial of the shockingly high number of Americans living in poverty and our reluctance to admit the still-persistent connection of race and poverty in.

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Waters Corporation

What the Waters Revealed by Jim Wallis January 6, ENG/ Dr. Sophie Hsia What the Water’s Revealed by Jim Wallis What the Water’s Revealed, an essay by Jim Wallis, argues that the silent story of poverty in America was brought to light in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

What the waters revealed by jim
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