What is the most important problem facing america

Pew finds public trust in the government, at 24 percentis near historic lows. People are addicted to government, and unless we fight this addiction, we are headed for rock bottom.

This is unacceptable and defies not only the dignity of each human life, but also the history of our nation. Because women outlive men and are generally younger than their husbands, they are three times more likely than men 42 percent compared to 13 percent to be widowed and thus much more likely to live alone see Table 6.

The way the current rules and committees are structured works against the best interest of the the nation by providing too much power to the committee Chair persons and too little power to all of the other elected representatives and senators.

They will play in no fewer than 2, in the coming year, per the PDGA. Roscigno notes that workplace ageism receives little news media attention and has also been neglected by social scientists. I see a country about nothing — like a Seidfeld episode — cute — but meaningless.

They seemed to do better in what they said yesterday, BUT their same old montra "NO" " let's start over" came out loud and clear. We have companies that knowingly pollute the environment, and then pay a pittance of a fine after families become ill, broken and dead, with no real justice for avarice.

To either end, ending the efforts now would have positive effects on the economy and greatly reduce violent crime.

Q&A: Critical issues facing aging Americans

Marina Psychas, 12th grade The war. My brother was in the Army, but now is safely home and it is sure a relief when a loved one comes home. Older people visit the doctor and hospital more often than younger people.

While Republicans and Democrats often tout very different rhetoric, and pretend to represent vastly different visions of government, both parties have frighteningly similar policies which have contributed to our demise: But still, it's impressive when the institution whose adherents bill it as the cure for life's ills wins top billing as a major disease itself.

White Greed, greed, greed, disproportionate politics along with lack of common sense. Even with the record snowfall our nation has just received, global warming is still melting the polar icecaps at an alarming rate and causing climate change worldwide.

Please join the discussion on the 3DiscGolf Facebook group, and by offering your comments below. We are throwing money here and there irresponsibly.

Instead of helping each other and our country, we're all scared of drowning in the financial mess of big banks and corporations that steal and rape the land and take profits for only a few at the top. Whether it's corporate greed, political myopia, drug runners infesting our young people, or cowboy drivers on our streets and highways, we are running on the raggedy edge of being a self-centered, out-of-control society.

This amount is larger than the average American gets, because Social Security does depend on earnings and many people earned fairly low amounts during their working years.

The most important problem facing America

Our planet can't take much more of the sick pollution, such as in Chicago, L. Some say they next president may be able to appoint as many as four different Supreme Court justices.

If we don't start to step up now, my grandma's generation all the way to my grandchildren's generation may be the first to witness human extinction take its course. The most important problems facing disc golf courses in the United States January 17, January 31, by Parked, posted in Course Design Results from the 3DiscGolf Survey (Part I).

The poll also shows the number one problem facing the U.S. is dissatisfaction with government (leadership, incompetence, and dysfunction) as 19 percent consider this to be the most pressing problem, down one percentage point from May. Jan 15,  · I think the biggest problem facing America is the western drought, which I'm assuming has some relationship to climate change.

Maybe I'm being Chicken Little, but I keep seeing disturbing news about Lake Mead (and Powell, by inference). The economy ranked second, with 29 percent of Americans saying it was the most important problem facing the country.

Healthcare was third, and dissatisfaction with the government ranked fourth. WASHINGTON, DC – The National League of Cities (NLC) today released a new report that identifies “The 10 Critical Imperatives Facing America’s Cities” and proposes innovative strategies to address these challenges and improve the nation’s communities.

Most Significant Problem Facing The Criminal Justice System Today

The National League of Cities, the. Respondents were asked, "What would you say is the most important problem facing the state of Texas today?" This figure includes the six problems the public deemed most important. Tea Party identification is based on the following question, also asked in the survey: "Suppose the Tea Party movement organized itself as a political party.

What is the most important problem facing america
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Most Significant Problem Facing The Criminal Justice System Today - Criminal Justice Certification