What are the economic factors affecting tesco

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That makes it difficult to keep oversight over all companies operations. Due to the credit crunch taking place Banks are not lending much money to people. That charge is known as interest. Social Factors The social factors encompass many behavior patterns of the people as well as the cultural influence.

This is to ensure the saftey of both employees and customers in the long run. All employees should be told what the consequences are and what will happen if they break the rules. Change in supply with respect to the change in price is termed as the variation in supply of a product.

Britain has officially voted to tear itself away from the European Union. The cost of production rises due to several factors, such as loss of fertility of land, high wage rates of labor, and increase in the prices of raw material, transport cost, and tax rate.

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Sample Essay on Economic Factors Affecting Tesco

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As people have more money to spend on luxuries instead of the essentials it means that the higher value products will be brought. The same inverse relationship holds for the demand of goods and services.

The political factor affects the pharmacy because due to the health and safety at work law employees must be qualified to handle medicine and they must also wear protective clothing so that they do not contaminate the medicine.

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The economic factor affects the carers as if the organisation does not make enough money then some of the organisations branches might close down therefore the carers have to find other health services to put the patients.

Recession occurs when people involved in business become more cautious and: Britain is divided, and the political contagion to follow not only threatens to wreck the European Union as a whole — it could spread across the globe.

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The laws of supply and demand indicate that sales typically increase as a result of a price reduction — unless consumers are not aware of the reduction.

This tends to decrease economic activity and put a damper on asset prices. When it wants to reduce inflationary pressures, it raises interest rates and decreases the money supply.

The economic factor affects the local community as if the NHS does not make enough money then some of the organisations branches might close down therefore the local community will have to find another health service and some local community members may have been employees so they will have to look for another job also.

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Reducing our impact on the environment

Likewise, there may be a very high demand for a benefit that a particular product provides, but if the general public does not know about that item, the demand for the benefit does not impact the product's sales. Examples on what Tesco customers need include: If the exchange rate was to decrease importing goods would cost more but as Tesco are a worldwide business exporting would be cheaper.

Corporate culture tries to establish a certain atmosphere among the employees to enable good co-operation. Tesco is the third world biggest food retailer organization.

All employees should be given pay during certain periods of illness. Without these Acts and regulations Tesco might not be as big as they are now. Refers to the main factor that influences the supply of a product to a greater extent. Specifically, Tesco PESTEL analysis involves an evaluation of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors affecting the retail chain.

Political Factors A range of political factors can affect Tesco in direct and indirect ways. PESTLE analysis for Tesco's What is a PESTLE analysis?

PESTLE stands for Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors. Examples of each are: Political - tax policies, trade restrictions, tariffs; Economic - economic growth, interest rates, inflation rates.

Andrew Kasoulis, retail analyst at Credit Suisse, said that Tesco will bounce back in the second half. "Relatively modest – by Tesco's high standards – first half growth is widely expected and so should not surprise, in our view.

Factors affecting the success of emerging market expansion – case study on Tesco’s failure expansion in China market 1. Background The popularising emerging Background The popularising emerging markets Over the past few decades. Feb 21,  · Best Answer: Not much. Their hardware/paraphernalia sales will suffer, but everyone needs food because food is a necessity to all life, so it is the best business to be involved in - whether the people are forced to endure economic woes/inflicted recessions and depressions or izu-onsen-shoheiso.com: Resolved.

Political, legal and social factors future changes 1. Unit 1 D2 Lewis Appleton 1 Miss Johnston Introduction I am goingto describe mypredictionsonwhatthe future changesare forthe political,legal and social factorsthat affectbusinesses.

What are the economic factors affecting tesco
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social factors affecting Tesco's activities - The Impact of the Economic Enviroment