The reasons for british governments decision to establish colony in new south wales

New industries such as information technology, education, financial services and the arts, largely centred in Sydney, have risen to take their place. This included bonuses for ship-masters for landing healthy convicts, increased salaries from the treasury direct to Surgeon-Superintendents, and awarding Surgeon-Superintendents complete authority in all cases reacting to discipline and medicine.

These jobs included wool picking, cloth scouring, carding, weaving, laundry, needlework, cleaning and straw plaiting.

It is reported that a larger mass was discovered a few days later in the same mine but was broken up underground. In most cases the administration of the early colonies was carried out by the British military.

The Assembly was heavily malapportioned in favour of the rural areas.

History of Australia

During the s debate, Blainey presenting the flax and naval timber theory accused Bolton of giving confusing comments in summarising his theory and argument against the new ideas for the reasons behind the decision made about Botany Bay. These islands included the current islands of New Zealand, which was administered as part of New South Wales.

The ministry of Charles Cowper marked the victory of colonial liberalism, although New South Wales liberals were never as radical as those in Victoria or South Australia. Australia was first "officially" discovered by Dutch traders in the East Indies: His party then followed this river to its junction with the Darling Riverfacing two threatening encounters with local Aboriginal people along the way.

Such interpretations of Aboriginal history are disputed by a few historians such as Keith Windschuttle as being exaggerated or fabricated for political or ideological reasons. Aboriginal art is believed to be the oldest continuing tradition of art in the world.

Clark considered that the three potential pre-European colonising powers and traders of East Asia—the Hindu-Buddhists of southern India, the Muslims of Northern India and the Chinese—each petered out in their southward advance and did not attempt a settlement across the straits separating Indonesia from Australia.

Traditionalist historians feel the possibility of the flax industry at Botany Bay was just a possible extra benefit to England when options for the convicts were being decided.

First Australian penal colony established

But trepang fisherman did reach the north coast, which they called "Marege" or "land of the trepang". The Newcastle earthquake was the first Australian earthquake in recorded history to claim human lives.

Once male convicts became free they were granted 30 acres, and to encourage family units, an additional 20 acres was given to men with a wife, with a further 10 acres per child born. The classical answer is Jamestown, as being the first successful colony established by the British, the other being the colony established in Roanoke spelling.

Removal of children The removal of indigenous children, by which mixed-race children of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent were removed from their families by Australian Federal and State government agencies and church missions, was a policy actively conducted in the period between approximately and Convicts were kept below deck in separated bunks or hammocks.

For the first half of the 19th century New South Wales was essentially a sheep run, supported by the port of Sydney and a few subsidiary towns such as Newcastle where a permanent settlement was established in and Bathurst They developed a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, established enduring spiritual and artistic traditions and used stone technologies.

Arthur Phillip was authorised to establish the Colony of New South Wales under Commissions dated 12 October and 2 April Following receipt of instructions from George III (25 April, ), the First Fleet sailed from Portsmouth on 13 Mayarriving in Port Jackson on 26 January Topic 2 British Government Establish a Colony in New South Wales Jacquelyn Keville Australian History Julia Miller April 3, This preview has intentionally blurred sections.

Sign up. The Colony of New South Wales was established in as a penal colony. It originally included the areas that became Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

In the New South Wales Act was established and passed by the British Parliament and a level of autonomous government was set up within the colony. The British colony of New South Wales was established with the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 vessels under the command of Captain passed by the British Government to establish the colony, public demonstrations and move and counter-move by Lang and then Scullin, then Lyons federal governments, the Governor of New South Wales.

The British decided to establish a colony in Australia for several reasons. The main reason was to solve the problem of Britain's overcrowded prisons (a consequence of the Industrial Revolution) by establishing a new penal colony in a land which showed promise for eventually becoming self-supporting.

The colony of South Australia was proclaimed by Governor Hindmarsh. The British Government passed the New South Wales Constitution of 36 members elected were voted for by wealthy landowners in the colony.

The reasons for british governments decision to establish colony in new south wales
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