Boredom as a catalyst for murder in arthur millers the crucible

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The play is one in which a small suburban town in Massachusetts is overtaken by the devil, and witchcraft. In conclusion, boredom not only leads the girls to murder but also the Puritan society for following.

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This is the Quizlet's I made for the MAT. I scored well above what I needed by using this. I mostly play scatter. I spent three months of 5 hours a week studying. - by amykristin Arthur Miller. Death of a Salesman and The Crucible were two of this playwright's works. Henry Miller.

In The Crucible By Arthur Miller, boredom proves to be a catalyst for murder. The girls in Salem wanted more attention and more out of Puritan life.

Being bored by following the strict Puritan society, the girls rebel against the traditional ways by dancing, singing, and laughing at prayer.

Boredom and Its Victims in Arthur Miller s The Crucible When bored, people tend to portray or act differently to either attract attention or change society. The girls in The Crucible are bored of Puritan life and want to do more to get more fun out of Salem life.

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