An analysis of the reasons given for engaging in pre marital sex

It causes us to be a bad influence on others, both Christians and non-Christians. Now, we have seen some of the effects of unchastity and great emotional consequences that come with this sin.

Moreover, as a Christian he has the Holy Spirit inside him who is convicting him of his sin. Emotional damage almost always comes as a result of fornication and adultery. When we have faith in a powerful and all wise God, we obey without always understanding the reason behind the command.

Dating non-Christians can involve pre-marital sex, as they do not necessarily share the same view of sex, and they do not have the same reasons or strength for resisting the temptation in any case.

Church discipline cannot be exercised in isolation from good biblical teaching, sensitive pastoral care and the possibility of complete restoration to fellowship. Premarital sex has a serious adverse effect on the self image of the partners. Behind each negative Bible command are two positive principles.

The significance of the study would aim to produce an theoretical framework to identifying sexual activity and how this affects the person and how it changes their perspective amongst the environment.

Pre-marital Sex Cause and Effect

For Christians there may be problems associated with regret or guilt, or emotional difficulties as a result of the honest disclosure of past transgression.

And if that person sins again and has sex with someone else, then the next person would be infected, and the next, and the next.

Pragmatic Any Christian argument against pre-marital sex ought to start from the Bible and not from pragmatic concerns. Only in that assurance can we again be useful in his service. I have clearly out debated my opponent and this is the perfect example.

They are sure that they are clean from any STD. Sex outside of marriage turns the relationship upside down and mixes emotions to the point of misinterpreting feelings. And sex is not entertainment.

It is impossible to show someone the love of God while engaging in immorality with that person. If they answered no, they will only answer the first five questions and if yes, they will answer the remaining questions which are numbers The various training programs on reproductive health and sexuality particularly sexually transmitted infections for gender-appropriate adolescents should be developed and facilitated with sensitivity to the needs of youth.

You could even say it would be a sin against your spouse or anyone you have sexual contact with in the future in that you would then knowingly or unknowingly be infecting him or her.

Conclusion The problems associated with pre-marital sex are just one example of a way in which I find what the Bible teaches to be more reliable than modern-day thinking and why I consider the Biblical worldview to be true. Sex and Emotional Health The only thing that is likely to lead to mental and emotional trauma, as far as sex is concerned, is the cognitive dissonance religious people create for themselves by repressing their sexuality.

The 1 Corinthians 13 model of love does not describe emotional feelings, but rather acts of the will. And to be honest, that spiritual problem should scare you a whole lot more than HPV.

But the virus that causes AIDS is up to to times smaller than the sperm. There is no chance of heartache later when our first sexual experience is with the person we will spend our lives with. Watching pornographic videos and peer pressure are also closely related to early sexual activity.

However, this point is of little relevance in the larger scheme of things. We must continue to please for the relationship to continue and that leaves one in a constant state of insecurity.

Pre-marital Sex Cause and Effect

My opponent has not been able to argue my points so to make up for this he uses all kinds of 25 Cent words but yet he still fails to use the correctly in some cases. How does engaging in pre-marital sex affect the way they see other people. Comprehensive sex education will enable Lasallian adolescents to make informed decisions that would checkmate the possible consequences of pre-marital sexual behavior in the future.

A Journal of Social and Religious Concern. Influences from the world today promotes sexual relations outside of marriage. You may improve this articlediscuss the issue on the talk pageor create a new articleas appropriate. The major objective of this study was the investigation of pre-marital sexual activities in the Lasallian society.

The article by Bogale and Seme inthat early sexual activity may also cause unwanted pregnancies, which may damage the health of women and their socioeconomic issues.

It also stated that sexual activity may also lead to educational problems and that the mentally unprepared individuals, such as the adolescents, may have it worse than those whom are mentally mature. Likewise sex has a powerful emotional aspect because God meant for it to be a joining of soul and mind as well as a physical union.

The sexual bonding as he created it in marriage is for our good. It kinda reinforces my opinion that I stated in the first line, that I think pre-marital sex is wrong primarily because the bible says it, but later also because of other reasons. permalink embed.

All of this is based on single-parenthood, not pre-marital sex. This argument is too far divided from the statistical connection that pre-marital sex correlates with single-parenthood.

It is nothing but a desperate attempt to delude voters into falling for a lack of statistical integrity. consequence of engaging in pre-marital sex among the youth of University of Maiduguri.

The data were The SSPS software was used in the analysis of the data. Findings revealed that pre-marital sex reasons only known to them. The attitude of not reporting the acts further exposes other students to greater. Thesis on Pre - Marital you want to use this as a reference or one of your related studies,please contact me.

Email me @ [email protected] by charmaine_calumpang in Types > Research > Genealogy, Religion, and Thesis/5(). atmosphere appears to reduce the risk of their engaging in premarital sex. Furthermore, although Given the fluidity of the traditional African marriage pro- adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa are engaging in pre-marital sex with insufficient knowledge of reproduction.

prising given suggestive evidence of racial and Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Disruption ever become marriages, and thus we might On the other hand, having pre-marital sex with or cohabiting with multiple partners may remain selective of people less committed to marriage.

Individuals engaging in.

An analysis of the reasons given for engaging in pre marital sex
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