A personal opinion on the compensation for the descendants of slaves in the united states

Heart Blackwell —Preceding unsigned comment added by No one section of our country was wholly responsible for its introduction Should be removed entirely or mostly.

On July 30,the United States House of Representatives passed a resolution apologizing for American slavery and subsequent discriminatory laws. The final sentence states that " From a genealogical standpoint, a signifcant portion of our current population is descended from immigrants from a post slavery era.

Even assuming that you did, there is no 'slave' gene. Recovery of that value in several steps to the current level of national wealth stems from the hard work of post-Civil War, and mainly post's, generations. Then the article just needs a source to say "this law is a precedent for reparations.

Most us citizens do not go back more than three or four generations in citizenship. Simply put, reparations are due to the millions of black Americans whose families have endured generations of discrimination in the United States. Do not post links to news or blogs.

For example, someone might "respond" to the section on African governments' responsibility for the slave trade with information about European provocation and intensification of that, but even if expressed in factual information, including that information in this article as opposed to "African slave trade" article is an argument, not information for a curious reader.

Heart Blackwell —Preceding unsigned comment added by From a genealogical standpoint, a signifcant portion of our current population is descended from immigrants from a post slavery era.

Inthe British, then in control of New York, prohibited blacks from inheriting land, effectively ending property ownership for this family. The ten reasons follow: Some of the arguments against aren't properly arguments against the idea of reparations but against an assumed solution, e.

In other words, how can a white African-American reap the rewards of reparations via affirmative action and "black scholarships" if 1 They are not black and 2 Their ancestors were not enslaved. If someone wants to try and justify this, fire away.

As slavery expanded into the Deep Southa flourishing internal slave trade replaced importation from Africa. One argument against reparations is that in assigning public lands to African-Americans for the enslavement of their ancestors, a greater and further wrong would be committed against the Southeastern Native Americans [25] who have ancestral claims and treaty rights to that same land.

Third, he argues that a reparations program would produce enormous side effects. Dottin refutes Horowitz on every point such as showing that American Atlantic slavery was uniquely brutal and racist, that the very few blacks in the South that owned slaves is a small side issue that doesn't compare at all to the institutionalized slavery by white slave holders, and every other point.

The mixed-race offspring creoles of color from such unions were among those in the intermediate social caste of free people of color.

We Absolutely Could Give Reparations To Black People. Here's How.

This statement is irrelevant and should not have been included in the article. However, President Andrew Johnson reversed the order after Lincoln was assassinated, and the land was returned to its previous owners.

Miller emphasizes that the reparations-funded programs must be fully accessible to and controlled by members of the black community. The moral questions are quite separate from this, and would get at things such as, "is a society responsible for what was done in the past.

I don't even have a slave holder in my family tree so why in the hell am I going to pay for it anyway. I'm going to suggest we use semi-protection to stop anonymous users from repeatedly re-adding repartme. Many of our ancestors did not immigrate until after the civil war. The question of reparations has even entered into the Democratic primary, with Sen.

The colonies struggled with how to classify people born to foreigners and subjects. Statement like "worst crimes in human history", "unimaginable proportions", and "enduring legacy in the United States of formal and substantive oppression of the descendants of African slaves" are in no way neutral, unemotive, and in some case may be open to argument.

Campo et al. () conducted a survey of residents of a southern university, using questions such as: ‘Currently discussions are taking place across the United States about the possibility of the federal government providing some type of reparations for African Americans who are descendants of U.S.

slaves. Do you strongly agree, agree. Of these, 3, free Negroes owned 12, slaves, out of a total of 2, slaves owned in the entire United States, so the numbers of slaves owned by black people over all was quite small by comparison with the number owned by white people.

Chapter 9 Compensation for Slavery uppose someone stole your freedom and that of your family, as well as their money, time, and the They all owe much to the descendants of slaves. the United States has paid reparations to other minority groups such as Japanese Americans.

Reparations for slavery debate in the United States

In the United States Court of Federal Claims No. C (Filed: January 14, ) opinion and order, the court assumes that Mr. Marshall is the lawful heir of persons to whom () (noting that there is no statute entitling descendants of slaves to compensation from the federal government).

Therefore, to the extent Mr. Marshall. To be just in any way, even approximately just, it would not be a simple program. Many of the descendants of slaves are also descendants of slave owners.

A personal opinion on the compensation for the descendants of slaves in the united states
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